Supporting Missouri's Students and Teachers

Governor Parson and his administration have been working hard to protect the health and well-being of all Missourians. Here are the most critical actions he’s taken to protect the health of Missouri’s students and teachers and combat COVID-19.

  • Governor Parson’s actions enabled local school leaders to make the best decisions for their communities, resulting in the closure of all Missouri schools.

  • The governor removed regulatory barriers to ensure the teacher workforce shortage is not exacerbated by COVID-19

  • DHSS has directed that schools not resume classes before Monday, April 6, unless extended by further order of DHSS. Schools that want to extend closure past April 6 have the option to do so.

  • Statewide-required assessments have been canceled for the remainder of this school year.

  • Schools will not be required to make up the days/hours lost due to COVID-19 and missed calendar hours will not affect the calculation of average daily attendance.

  • Basic education foundation formula payments will not be interrupted due to COVID-19.

  • DESE has waived the requirements for any remaining student teaching and internship activities.

  • Secured necessary USDA waivers that enable local schools to feed their students during COVID-19 closures.

  • The Department of Higher Education has reduced or suspended A+ Scholarship eligibility requirements.

Paid for by Uniting Missouri PAC, Charlotte Boyer, Treasurer