Stand with Missouri's Law Enforcement Community

Missouri’s finest continually put themselves between citizens and danger, placing the wellbeing of the community above their own. While this has historically been a thankless job, in recent years these brave men and women have come under attack by those who wish to defund them and instead defend those who pose a real and present threat to our communities.

To show your support for our men and women in uniform go to, a non-profit organization composed of sworn uniformed members and communications personnel of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Govern Parson has fought tirelessly at every opportunity to support our men and women of law enforcement and keep our communities safe

In 2020, Gov. Parson signed SB 600, which eliminated automatic jail time credits and ensures armed crimes are treated consecutively with other offenses. In other words. felons can no longer serve the same time for two separate offenses. 
Just last year, Governor Parson announced $4 million in grants to combat crimes against children and provide more support to victims of crimes. 

The governor created $700,000 in grants to local law enforcement that helped purchase equipment including ballistic vests, first aid and trauma kits, police radios, light bars and sirens in hopes of increasing safety across Missouri.

The governor also helped establish:
Crime Victim Alert Portal with $1.2 million to help promptly notify law enforcement and victims of violent crimes when an offender’s custody status changes.

Economic Distress Zone Fund   with $550,000 to deter criminal behavior in areas with high crime

Witness Protection Fund – provides resources for the security of victims and witnesses and their families

Witness Statement Admissibility Statute – ensuring admissibility of critical evidence

$722 million for Early Childhood Education

Crisis Hotline 
– $28.5 million dollars

Substance Use Response – $10.9 million dollars for local governments to utilize in fighting the opioid epidemic

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – $2.5 million dollars

$139.5 million dollars for improvements to Federally Qualified Health Centers and Certified Community Behavioral Health Organizations