Protecting the Health of All Missourians

Governor Parson and his administration have been working hard to protect the health and well-being of all Missourians. Here are the most critical actions he’s taken to protect the health of all Missourians and combat COVID-19.

  • Governor Parson is bridging the gap leveraging public and private lab resources to increase Missouri’s testing abilities.

  • Expanded the use of telemedicine and pharmacology in order to protect doctors and decrease the risk of exposure to both healthcare providers and patients.

  • Waived existing statutes and rules to assist pharmacists in dispensing medications and managing tasks remotely.

  • Allowing patients to get an emergency prescription filled by another pharmacy if their original dispensing pharmacy is closed and they are unable to contact the prescriber.

  • Allowing pharmacists to dispense up to a 30-day supply of emergency medication rather than the normal 7 days. This addresses the need to limit the number of visits to a pharmacy and address restrictions on business hours.

  • Extending the time a temporary permit is valid for nurses so those who already hold a temporary permit are able to continue working for a longer period. This will help with the current nursing shortage.

  • Allowing graduate nurses to continue working past the 90-day period they are allowed following graduation. The closure of the testing centers that normally administer the exams means they cannot take the required licensure exam within that 90-day period. 

  • The State Board of Nursing is extending its ability to work under supervision for an additional 90 days and will then re-evaluate.

  • Eligibility for any Medicaid participant will not be terminated unless the individual requests a voluntary termination of eligibility or the individual ceases to be a resident of the state through the end of the federal emergency COVID-19 declaration.

  • Extending 90 days of MO HealthNet coverage to Missourians ages 19-64 who test positive for COVID-19 and meet the income and resource eligibility guidelines.

  • Relaxing requirements related to prescription refills and prior authorizations to ensure participants have access to essential medications.

  • Expediting new provider enrollment applications and waiving certain enrollment requirements such as application fees and on-site visits to enable providers to serve Medicaid participants

  • Waiving the co-payment for any services provided by means of telehealth

Paid for by Uniting Missouri PAC, Charlotte Boyer, Treasurer