The Democratic Party has left you.

The Democratic Party of Yesterday

Many Missourians who once considered themselves lifelong Democrats are looking at their party today and realizing that it no longer resembles the Democratic principles of the past. It is unrecognizable.

The Democratic Party and its most prominent figures openly advocate socialism. They want to take away our Second Amendment freedoms, eliminate private health insurance, decriminalize illegal border crossings, use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, and give protestors “who wished to destroy” the “space to do that,” as the former mayor of Baltimore infamously declared.

This has led many Missourians to ask a hard question:

Am I still a Democrat?

The Democratic Party has left you.

Many have concluded that they did not leave the Democratic Party; the newly-radicalized Democratic Party left them.

We the People simply want trustworthy leadership, respect for our values, and responsible budgeting of our tax dollars.

If this sounds like you, then Welcome to the Republican Party.

Add your name to the list of hard-working Americans who feel the Democratic Party has left them.

Paid for by Uniting Missouri PAC, Charlotte Boyer, Treasurer