Gov. Parson's Data-Driven Plan Is Right for Missouri

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The Results Are Clear: Gov. Parson's Data-Driven Plan Is Right for Missouri


As Missouri begins to reopen for business, the state’s infection rate and death rate per 1 million have both remained well below the national average, nearly 1/3 the rest of the country. (Data as of 5/7/20, Source:

Gov. Mike Parson’s targeted, data-driven leadership from day one of the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in saved lives, livelihoods, and hope for countless Missourians.

He acted quickly on behalf of Missourians, limiting groups to 10 or less and mandating social distancing. He was one of the nation’s first Governors to limit the number of shoppers in stores because he saw crowded stores as a source of high contagion.

  • Governor Parson:
    • Waived more than 450 State Rules.
    • Authorized $6 billion to fight the pandemic.
    • Issued 9 Executive Orders.
    • Was one of the first governors to limit the number of shoppers in businesses.

A former sheriff, Parson has trusted local leaders closest to the situation to make decisions that are right for their own unique situations. He worked with Kansas City and St. Louis regions where high-density populations mandated early stay-at-home orders impacting nearly 70 percent of the state. At the same time, he worked with leaders from dozens of rural counties that had no cases of the virus to guide them to protect their already fragile economies with crafted, customized responses.

Governor Parson issued 9 executive orders and suspended or waived more than 450 regulations and statutes to assist businesses, families and healthcare providers. He has authorized more than $6 billion for expanded healthcare, testing, hazard pay for first responders, and money for local schools impacted by the economic crisis.

Governor Parson’s data-driven approach has proven the right choice for Missouri.

Missouri Experts Respond to the Governor's Actions

Missouri College of Emergency Physicians

“The Missouri College of Emergency Physicians (MOCEP) applauds Governor Mike Parson for implementing a statewide Stay Home Missouri order. This decision will help keep Missourians safe and assist in preventing the medical system from getting overwhelmed… MOCEP is appreciative of the efforts of the Governor and his team in their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. If we all work together we will get through this as a stronger Missouri.”

-Missouri College of Emergency Physicians

Read full statement here.

Missouri Chamber of Commerce & Industry

“Gov. Parson’s solution strikes a balance between the need to act to combat this public health crisis while also establishing safe, achievable practices to ensure that Missouri stays open for business. Gov. Parson wisely chose to implement a statewide solution as Missourians and the state’s business community were faced with adhering to an increasingly complex patchwork of local orders.”

-Daniel P. Mehan, president and CEO of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Read full statement here.

Missouri Nurses Association

Washington University in St. Louis

Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists

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